Leon M PowellBorn and raised in beautiful Oaxaca, Mexico, I grew up surrounded by art, culture, tradition and color. My unbound curiosity and varied interests have allowed me to develop a wide range of skills and professional abilities, well beyond my initial career in commercial art. My passion for learning, self-growth, art, community, and communication have been motivating factors in my choice of clients and projects.

My commitment to my continued personal growth and self-awareness led me to collaborate for over a decade with a personal development schools, Instituto Éxito Humano (Institute for Human Success); where besides working as a web and graphic designer, I was trained in leadership skills, emotional intelligence and mindfulness. In time, I was given the opportunity to serve as workshop facilitator and personal development trainer.

This training and experiences awoke in me a passion for being of service and contributing to the lives of others. Today, I am committed to seeking work and volunteer opportunities that challenge me and allow me to draw upon the full range of my capabilities.